Audrey Bitoni Gets Festive

If this big tit Christmas picture set of sexy Audrey Bitoni doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit nothing will. This picture set would make even the Grinch get a huge green hardon.

Audrey Bitoni

Ewww… That’s kind of a gross thought a giant green character sneaking around your house on Christmas even with a huge green boner. [Read more...]

Adriana Leigh Blows Her BF

Adriana Leigh gives me the impression she has some serious cock sucking abilities. I’m actually surprised how many girls are just fucking terrible at sucking cock. On more than a few occasions I’ve pulled chicks off my cock and told them to pull their pants down.

Adriana Leigh

Now you’ve probably all heard the saying there is no such thing as a bad blowjob, used similarly to there is no such thing as a bad day of fishing. [Read more...]

Tori Lux Fucks at the Venetian

Tori Lux loves the Venetian Las Vegas just as much as I do, but probably for much different reasons. I love it because in my opinion it has some of the best restaurants on the strip. Tori loves it because she still remembers getting fucked in her suite.

Tori Lux

Now porn stars fuck daily so when a particular session or partner stands out on their mind, you know it has to be memorable. [Read more...]

Angel Long Craves Black Dick

If you put a big black cock infront of Angel Long she is going to suck it and fuck it. Hell even if you put a small black dick infront of Angel she is probably going to at least suck it. Angel is what you would call a black cock whore. The bitch can’t seem to get enough black cock, so when we are looking for a model to shoot she is always right at the top of the list.

Angel Long

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She is also our first call if some dumb slut doesn’t show up for her photo or video shoot (yeah it happens all the time, then when you never call them back for another shoot they bad mouth you in the industry). It’s always nice to be able to work with girls like Angel Long and to have them close enough to the studio that if you need someone at a moments notice she is there. [Read more...]

Andi Anderson Loves BBC

If you where to ask Andi Anderson what one of her favourite things in the whole world is I bet one of her answers would be black cock. Most porn stars aren’t very energetic when they show up to the shoot, for many its really just another day at the office but not Andi Anderson. I don’t know if she would have had the same energy if we had a small white dick waiting for her but we want her back so we would never do that.

Andi Anderson

We ask Andi after the shoot if had a good time and she said “Absolutely!” We then went on to ask her if we needed her again would she be available. She told us “I’m always available to fuck a big black cock like this. I love doing it at work because if I was at home I’d be fucking a big black dildo and not getting paid.” You can’t argue with the woman’s business sense. [Read more...]